Insights of Techniche’17

What I like about photographs is that they capture all beatific moments gone. Invigoration of ideas, cognitive speeches, exhibiting innovation, rendering amusement, and all such beautiful moments of the latest edition of Techniche are magnificently captured in mug shots. Like its every edition, Techniche’17 came and gone, and left a peerless picture in our minds. The lectures varying from political to engineering addressed from a luminary personalities of the world to mind-boggling performances of some magnificent entertainers, it all made the crowd feel so alive in the festival. Influencing people from dweebs to docents makes a festival worthy of its work, and Techniche’17 succeeded it in all aspects.

Be it the workshops like IoT or exhibition of a six-feet humanoid, Techniche’17 took us from tip to toe of the advancement in the technological status of the world and succeeded as a festival of the technical sort. The memorable speech by the member of parliament Mr. Subramanian Swamy reminded us of our patriotism, whereas a jaw-dropping performance by Nalayak made us dance in our own style, and made Techniche’17 a mesmerizing festival.

Glimpses of events at Techniche’17

Techniche organizes events not just as a part of a technical festival, but as an initiative to involve people from diverse sectors to spread radiance, cognizance. A marathon isn’t just a marathon, its a feeling of energy for the people to stand out of their daily businesses for realizing the spirit isn’t dead in them. The success of our years of hard work in organizing such events was finally proved to be fruitful When a reputed officer of RPF Guwahati very enthusiastically came to receive his certificate and said, I’m a fifty-six-year-old man and I’ve been taking part in Guwahati-half-marathon from last three years. Nothing makes me more elated than, completing a twenty-one-kilometer marathon at this age. I feel very proud when I get this certificate of completion, it lifts the spirits in me that I’m yet tierd.

Witnessing the glory of a festival make us feel awing. But, working behind the scenes and being the soul of the fest, make us feel paradisiacal. ‘Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.’ Working as a team is like having many hands and one mind, which aim to shine through their work. The labor of Youngers, ideation of mediators and advice of the elders of the family, is spoken out by the prosperity of Techniche’17.

Every time isn’t the same, there are moments some happy and some sad. Its been two years I’ve been working in the Robotics module of Techniche. We work to our fullest every year, but not every year things turn up in our favor, triumph and disaster is a part of life which isn’t in our hand always. Yet the fact that we are together always, while creating, watching it fall and reconstructing it, puts me in a state of euphoria.– Sahil Thandra, organizer of robotic events at Techniche’17.

‘A good festival reflects a great leadership.’ The people in a team who takes little more than their share of blame and little less than their share of credit. Techniche’17 Heads.

The happiest feeling one could ever get is working dedicated for a moment for so long and finally succeeding at the end. How was my experience with Techniche’17? This question reminds me of the day when I joined the organizing team of the fest. I had no such prior experience to handle such a big event. But, supports and advice from the seniors played the biggest role in the most successful Technothlon in 2017.– Pratyay Nigam, Tehnothlon’17 Head.

This edition of Techniche added some colorful memories in everyone’s life, and we hope that every year the festival may come with more glorious events in future.



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