The Feminist Theory

Ever wondered why people, particularly females, hesitate to call themselves “feminists”? Why do women think to call themselves feminists will somehow mean that they are against men? Feminism, in its simplest meaning, stands for the equality of all the sexes, male or female and even transgender, in all the fields and phases of life. The term... Continue Reading →


A Space Odyssey

The Universe is a vast, wondrous place and the myriad of celestial objects it nestles, in full display in our night sky, has awed humans since the dawn of mankind. From the early Babylonians, who viewed the Universe as a flat disk floating in the ocean; the great Greek philosophers, who modeled the motion of... Continue Reading →

Weapons of War- I

"Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive one; it is man and not materials that count" - Mao Zedong At the end of the early modern age in 1800s, the world was already introduced to the modern weaponry. The introduction of the firearm into the weaponry transformed the wars in huge and destructive... Continue Reading →

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The era of modern technology begun with the invention of mobile phones by Motorola in 1973. Then, there came the idea of 'network of networks' in 1983, and took a more recognizable form in 1990. Somewhere in the beginning of the twenty-first century, smartphones took the world to a whole new level. Incessant rise in technical intensity... Continue Reading →

Life of a Star

Every night, a lot of beautiful, shining and lustrous stars appear in the sky, they appear as a multitude of fixed luminous points in the sky due to their immense distance from Earth. Many of them were researched by historians, the brightest of 'em gained proper names, and most prominent ones were grouped in constellations and asterisms. However, after... Continue Reading →

History of Urban Planning

How does a CITY come into being?What are the origins of various characteristics of a city, i.e. colonies, parks, drainage systems etc.? What makes a city so well structured and organized? The answer to all these questions is Urban Planning. Urban planning guides orderly development in urban, suburban and rural areas. Although predominantly concerned with the... Continue Reading →

Transplantation Technology

Over the years, technology has improved the way healthcare providers treat and take care of patients. There have been a number of changes that these developments have brought about in the medical field. Medical technology refers to the different processes, procedures, and equipment involved in the healthcare field. This can involve diagnostic and treatment procedures... Continue Reading →

Touchscreen Technology

Within the last decade, there has been a drastic transformation in the use of jargons. To a great extent, “swiping” has displaced “scrolling” and “tapping” has displaced “clicking”. Some of us might even remember times when touching any electronic would mean nothing. Welcome to the Age of Touch. We experience touch everywhere: from ATM's to... Continue Reading →


Dreams, no matter how strange, leaves an everlasting imprint on your minds. Sometimes you wonder about its wilderness, rest of the time you are left numb. You can really live a whole beautiful life in a dream that you may never be able to achieve in reality. Scientists and researchers all over the globe are... Continue Reading →

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