Chemical “Lochas” in the Brain

Since our childhood days we have been taught about the importance of physical health in life and the numerous ways to avoid sickness and diseases altogether. But the topic of mental health isn’t taken up as such. Why is it so? Is it that the so called “mental patients” are different than us? Or is... Continue Reading →


Transplantation Technology

Over the years, technology has improved the way healthcare providers treat and take care of patients. There have been a number of changes that these developments have brought about in the medical field. Medical technology refers to the different processes, procedures, and equipment involved in the healthcare field. This can involve diagnostic and treatment procedures... Continue Reading →

Techniche’s Helping Hand

Techniche has always looked beyond the traditional boundaries of conducting a Techno-Management festival, and sought to make a difference to society. After the successful launches of the Corporate Module, the Robotics Module, as well as Social 360, Techniche sought to extend its activity under its Social Initiative- Sociothon. Techniche showed its support for the recent... Continue Reading →

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